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Grußwort vom Bürgermeister von Bonn

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear MPS families and children,


I am delighted that the 14th International MPS Conference is being held in Bonn and I would like to welcome you as Mayor warmly to the City of Bonn. 



The city of Bonn is one of the most important healthcare locations in Germany. It has a unique combination of excellent infrastructure for patient care on the one hand and for medical science and research on the other. The patient care is characterised by a first-rate system for the delivery of both outpatient and inpatient services. Several specialized treatment centres such as the centre for rare diseases at Bonn University Hospital and top medical research institutes complement the healthcare facilities.

The 14th International MPS Conference is an international platform for scientific discussion, networking and personal exchange with participants from all over the world, and is therefore very well suited to Bonn.

I wish you a successful Conference, new insights in the field of MPS and fruitful conversations as well as new impressions. And take some time beside the symposium to get to know the city of Bonn as a city of history and culture! 

Ashok Sridharan
Mayor, City of Bonn