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Welcome from our patron

We are proud and grateful to Dr. Jürgen Heraeus, chairman of UNICEF,

to be able to win him as a patron of the 14th International Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases.



Dear MPS families from all over the world,

Dear guests of the International MPS Conference,

Dear Sir or Madam, dear children!


as patron of the 14th International MPS Conference may I warmly welcome all of you: the MPS patients and their families from all over the world, the speakers who will talk about experiences, progress or new approaches to treatment as well as research, all doctors, therapists, carers and siblings.


I wish all of you an informative congress rich in a lot of opportunities for encounters and a lot of opportunities to meet at the congress. A symposium on an international level, which tackles your questions and indicates ways into the future.


The future. It lies in the global joint work of people. This is even more important when it comes to rare diseases. Your research can only be operated together, as well as the development of additional therapies that benefit the good of MPS patients.


Especially in times of increasing economisation and scientification of medicine joint action is crucial. It is equally essential as the exchange of information how life with MPS and related diseases can be made by the patients themselves, their families and society as a whole as livable as possible: on the basis of medical ethics, humanity and empathy.


Joy of exchange and cooperation, information, joint celebrations. All this has its place at the 14th International Conference on MPS and accompanying events. Therefore, I thank as patron all those who have prepared this meeting: the organizing team as well as those responsible for the scientific program, all patrons and sponsors and last but not least the Maritim Hotel and the City of Bonn for their hospitality.


I wish you exciting and lively discussions at this congress so that you return to your home countries with an expanded knowledge, new experiences and hopes. Returning with valuable impressions to your families and friends, to your homes, to all workplaces and into your everyday life.


As patron I wish your conference every success and all the best to you personally.


Dr. Jürgen Heraeus